Monday, November 2, 2009

Vroom 'n' Boom - a Bigger Explosion Proof Preview!

I figure since I'm subjecting y'all to my experiments (moo ha ha!) that I'd also throw in an honest to goodness bit 'o' progress on stuff I'm actually working on!  Here's a bigger preview of the Explosion Proof story I'm working on...

This is actually page five of a six page story I'm working on.  Only one page to go... well, until I tone, letter, and pre-press them.  Then it'll be time to start work on the new Mastorism!

You can catch the previous explosion proof stories here.


  1. Really enjoying the "in progress" pages. I always find the "How Artsts Work" aspect endlessly fascinating.

    Do you ink with a brush?

  2. Woah! Missed your comment there... not actually used to getting comments yet, I suppose.

    Glad you're enjoying the in-progress stuff. And to answer your question, no, I do all my inking digitally, as a matter of fact. I do, though, strive to make it look very close to brushwork (so your question indicates that I'm on the right track).

    I do real brushwork, also, but not for anything I publish-- yet. Digital is just way too efficient for my work flow NOT to do it that way. I'm hoping to have some more detailed stuff about how I work coming up soon-- a lot of folks seem curious about it.

  3. I have to amend what I said there. If you want some recent examples of real brushwork, I did just post one in my "Halloween 2009" post, and the more recent "ghost stories" post.

    The other "ghost story" images are just little scribbles with with pentel pocket brush...