Sunday, December 20, 2009

Productive Comicking = Sparse Blogging

So, originally much of this was part of my Links Outside the Bottle feature for this last week, but the post turned out so long, I though I out to break it in two.  The original post (as written) started out as an explanation for a slow blogging week (hmm.. The irony of that causing me to have two posts come out of one).  ANYhow the point was I had a busy comicking week, so here’s what I had to say about it (and then some):

On the home front, I’ve actually been fairly productive (hence the lack of blogification).  I’ve been fighting the tough I-want-to-be-drawing-but-I-have-lots-o-production-work-to-do battle (which is pretty much a battle even to type out, what with all those dashes), and winning.  All of my story pages are formatted for both Mastorism #6 as well as for the trade. 

Oh and shhh, top secret, but I think I’m going to be going through Lulu to print my trade in order to get an ISBN and some distro to Amazon.  It will still be an Earthbound production, no worries there, and I’ll probably also offer the trade on IndyPlanet as well, to be consistent  with the rest of the Earthbound books. But, a little bit of forum convo and subsequent research discovered for me the fact that Lulu, at least for the size trade I’m working on, is fairly competitive with Ka-Blam’s pricing (within pennies)  and offers free ISBN/passive distro (again, basically just to Amazon, but still very cool).  So, I’m going to try it out and see how it works out for me.

So, I had to explain that in order to make sense when I tell you that my other triumph for the week was getting all of the trade story pages, AND chapter lead ins, set up in InDesign-- ready to go!   So now, for both books, its just a matter of getting the editorial content completed. 

I’ve also already got my covers for both books being colored by the fantastic Norman Wong right now.  So, a happily productive week, even if I never really drew or wrote anything….

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