Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yeah... I'm Still Alive...

Even if barely. 

Literally the last couple months have been pretty much nonstop for me.  All of it has been equally important and time sensitive so its been really hard for me to justify taking time out of everything I'm to do blog posts, y'know?  I'd be hard pressed to explain to someone why I wasn't working such-and-such for them, but yet I had time to write to you about my thoughts of, say, Jim Lee becoming the publisher of DC comics, or even talk about the various projects I'm doing.  So, I've kinda let it slip, but everything is starting ease up a bit, and I have ton of cool process-y type stuff built up to write about after everything I've done so....  That's coming up.

Right before things got heavy, I spend a little time planning a new story that hasn't quite materialized yet, but I've got some sketches I did to get my mind flowing that I don't mind sharing today... so here ya go:

Cheap brush on bristol.
I'm also working on some illustrations for my friends EP cover.  It's actually turned from one into three illustrations (so far), so I'll share those with you too over the coming weeks.

I'm off to the Long Beach Comic Expo one-day shin-dig this weekend.  As an attendee (which will be nice for a change).  So I'll be sure to report back and let you know how that went.

That's all for now.  Take care folks.

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