Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mastorism - Terror in Sector Five - Page 34

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So, expect to see that for the remainder of the awards... not just be cause I want you to VOTE FOR MASTORISM (subliminal message) but also because there are there's a lot of great comics on this site by some hard workin' cartoonists that really deserve the recognition!  So get out there and vote!

OKAY!  Enough of that... I picked up the pace from the script at the end of this chapter. I felt it needed it, so I did it... so there are a couple events that get glazed over but will be brought back up in Chapter 3.  As such this page has what could be construed as an error (which will be resolved in ch 3, like I say), I'm not telling what it is, but I offer a genuine Mastorism toaster* to whoever figures out what the "error" is!

*Long time readers may know that, from time to time I offer a "toaster" a prize for answering my pointless quizzes.  The toaster is not real, in fact it doesn't exist, its a lot like the Marvel No-Prize except you don't even get a piece of paper.  But it is a huge honor.

Hint?  You might need an abacus!  The guy to beat here is AzuJOD who may very well be opening up a restaurant soon with after winning so many toasters!

OKAY, enough nonsense!  Two more pages in this chapter. I haven't decided if I'm actually taking a quick catch up break after that or not-- I kind of feel like taking time off during the Drunk Duck Award voting is...  flakey.  So, we'll see.

AS ALWAYS, thanks for reading and commenting, and I will see you bright and early next Tuesday! 


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