Monday, October 11, 2010

Mastorism - Terror in Sector Five - Page 52 1/2

So there you have it!  A week from today, we should resume our normal schedule.  I thank all of you for letting me take some time off, I have put it to good use!    And, YES, I have a bit of an ulterior motive for posting an "inbetweener" page, as I have a few announcements:

For those of you fans who also like to enjoy Mastorism in PRINT, the first 36 or so pages of this story (Terror in Sector Five) have been published in Earthbound Comics' "SPACEBBOUND! Double Feature" anthology book, along with an Alibi Jones story by fellow Drunk Ducker, Mike Luoma (Brother Zag).  While, I'm not totally sure why you'd pay to own the print version if you can read it here for free, I can tell you that if you do enjoy the comic, its a great way to support it.  Also, there's a great cover in color, with art by me, colors by my regular colorist, the fantastic Mr. Norman Wong.  ALSO also, the tones look REALLY good in print!  You can get that here:

And of course, the entire story leading up to this one is available in one volume (with additional chapter lead in art) for a mere ten smackers:

Aaaannnndd, while I'm plugging away here (ha, get it?) its' worth noting that I will be at the Alternative Press Expo at the Concourse in San Francisco this coming weekend (Oct 16 & 17).  I will be at table #617, if you're in the area, or going, please come and stop by the booth, I would love to shoot the poop with you. Looks like its going to be a pretty big event this year - the expanded the exhibiting space.  So, should be lots of fun!

Anyhow, barring any weird events, we should be back on track with Mastorism next week!  can't wait to see you then, and thank you for your patience while I took some much needed personal time. 


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