Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mastorism - Terror in Sector Five - Page 66

Looks like I touched a good subject with this Green Lantern biz!  I've kinda tapered off the comics once Brightest Day began (which was immediately after Darkest Night ended - and that dragged on a bit much for my taste).  So I'm not totally current with it.  But I CAN say that as a long time GL fan, I'm super excited for the new movie.  The trailer looks cool, though it looked fairly, uh, earth bound, but I'm guessing that may be due to the post production still going on (I haven't really been following that kinda stuff like I used to either). 

One of the concepts of placing this half of the story 15 years after the previous version, is that I pictured John John and Z-Squad having tons of adventures in the Dark Universe during that 15 year period.  One could guess that, I suppose, but I wanted to take a moment and address that here, and show that John and Nightblud, in particular, have built a strong friendship over the years.

So, that said, if I ever do any Mastorism stories after this one, they will likely take place in that period.  

Anyhow, thanks for reading and commenting, I will see you next week...


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