Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just in time for Halloween? A ghost story!

Okay, my ghost story will be done no where near in time for Halloween.  In fact, I've barely even started the development portion of things.  I'm not saying much about it yet (so as not to jinx it), but a decent enough ghost story popped into my head the other day, bounced around, and sort of developed itself into something I want to do.  Its short (so I have no idea how I want to publish it yet), but hopefully sweet (in a ghostly way).

The first hurdle for me, though, is that I envision it drawn in a style that's not my own.  If you're familiar with my work from Mastorism, you're probably aware of the fact that I'm insanely anal about line work, etc.  Being that I made the jump to digital, only made me that much more so.  That's not the look I want for this story.  I want something rougher.  Looser.  More free.  Basically, heavy sloppy brushwork.  I wasn't totally sure that it was within my capabilities, especially with me (working on) perfecting my super clean ways over the last few years....  So, you know what that means... experimentation!  So, in sort of a "development blog" spirit (pun!), here's my first whack at how I want the artwork to look:

You see, quite a contrast to my usual fare.  This is probably way more rough that my actual artwork to be, but I figure I gotta get real loose and see how it feels.  And, to tell the truth, it didn't feel all that good to me while I was doing it.  Felt worse when I was done.  But I scanned it for the purpose of this blog, and walked away for several hours, and now looking back at it, I'm not so un-happy with it after all.  I certainly think it needs work... refinement...  rules... but as a first whack, I think I'm on the right track.  Let's see if I can actually do this.

For me, it's kind of the artistic equivalent of people facing their fears by jumping out of a plane, or some non-sense like that.

For you process nerds out there (my people!), this is not digital (I want to break away from that for this project).  I just penciled some loose break downs on a piece of cheap paper and went to town with my Pentel Pocket Brush (my most favorite pen type thing ever).  Obviously when I get to my actual execution of the project, I will be working on bristol, likely with a real brush (though, I'm having a hard time beating my Pocket Brush).

I'm kind of apprehensive making this my first "art post" on this blog, being that its way uncharacteristic of me, but what the hell, if I'm gonna jump out of a plane, I might as well jump out of a plane!

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