Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bouncing Back with a Vengeance

After hitting somewhat of an inter-project drawing slump, I think I’m finally bouncing back with a bit of a vengeance (as the blog title would indicate).  I had spent quite a bit of my “work/drawing time” doing anything and everything I could think of to avoid moving any of my projects forward.  I resolved that it was likely my anxiousness to get started back on some new Mastorism being dampened by the fact that I had other projects that needed to be finished first.  It took me a while to figure this out.

If you’re a drawing person (not a drawer, cause that’s where you put stuff), like me, then you probably understand the constant urge to draw draw draw.  I don’t know how better to explain it, and its something really difficult to explain to someone who does not experience this.  I’ve talked to a number of fellow artists that feel the same way.  There’s a certain weight that’s lifted off of my soul every time I start making marks on the page.  So, anyhow, you can imagine, then what its like when some non-drawing aspects of my projects stood between me and drawing the stories I love the most…  depressing! 

Enough with the sob story, though, eh?  How about some art!  Well, okay.  I’ve been working on the front and back cover artwork to the Mastorism collected trade that will collect the Vol. 1 Issues #1-6.  The same one that you saw the chapter lead in art for in my process post.  Guess what?  Not showing you that.  Nope, that’s between me, me, and my colorist for now.  BUT, I have been doing some prelim sketches for the new volume/story/whatever you want to call it.  So here’s a pic of D in a dramatic comic book-y pose:
Swell, eh?  I like to think so.  This is a super rough kinda concept sketch.  Not quite the tediously clean finished stuff one might expect from me.  In fact, since I work digitally, here I just jumped right into the “inks” blocked in some forms and went to town without really worrying about ending with a clean final product (I wasn’t planning on showing it to anyone).  The advantage here of being digital is that I don’t have nearly the commitment that jumping straight to inks all loose and free would have on paper.  Anyhow, I was actually pretty pleased with the loose feel that I ended up with.  So much so, that I’ve pondered adapting some of this to my own style.  I dunno, though… time will tell.   I want to have a more consistent style throughout this next phase of Mastorism,  so I’m a tad apprehensive about committing to a style I can get 100% behind. 

So what you see here is a pretty major update to the uniform.  D had always had a “special” uniform (skirt, weird black sleeves and tights), so here I am giving her a standard issue Mastor uniform… although that’s been updated too!  You see, quite a bit of time will have passed where this next story picks up.  You’ll also notice she’s off dispatch duty and ready for action.  So that’s a pretty good preview for you!

Boom!  Well I have another nifty prelim sketch (with an even more radical costume redesign), but I think this post has probably already bombarded you with too much reading already, so I will save that one for tomorrow.  Here’s a hint, its another favorite female from Mastorism…..

Still trying to get my act together as far as regular blog posts, I suspect it may take a little time yet.  I’m planning some regular features so every day or so, you’ll have something different to look forward to.   I think I write better if there’s a little bit of structure involved, so I’m just setting that structure up for myself.

Take care, all!

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