Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mastorism - Terror In Sector Five - Page 05

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ALRIGHT!  Whew!  Had a couple last minute changes to make here, but everything seems to be in order.  Anyhow, probably what a lot of folks were waiting for, our chance to catch up with Matt, D, and relative newcomer Mike!

This page was a bit of a road block as far as getting production rolling on this comic, actually.  I when I started back up drawing, I had kinda started slowly with the first four pages, knowing this page was going to come up, but not really knowing how I was going to get it all out on the page.  Actually this page and the previous one--  I've resolved that since this is a webcomic first and foremost, I really need to stick to ONE page format, and so two page spreads were not going to cut it.   But, I think getting both of these pages to work well (particularly this one) in a vertical format, vs, the sprawling "wide screen" that a spread would have provided, was more of a challenge than I had expected.  Once this page was finished.. the rest just sorta flowed out of me!

Anyhow, this is where the really guts of the story begins, as far as our main characters go.  Had to give you a bit of a set up so y'all could catch up to where we were after the 15 year passage of time, and also kind of a full set-up for those just jumping on board here.

TOASTER TIME!  On the Drunk Duck side, we're coming up on the 1500th comment, so, whoever the lucky commenter is...  You'll win the toaster*! Visit http://www.mastorism.com/ to participate in that.

Anyway, as per usual for me, its been one of those weeks where anything that can happen, has happened... at least once...  so I'm going to bid you all farewell for now, until Thursday, where we continue here on Planet One of Sector Five and get more involved with Matt, D, and Mike!

*No physical toaster is actually involved in this contest. Win or lose, you're going to be stuck with plain old bread.

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