Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mastorism - Terror In Sector Five - Page 04

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Alright, here's the first official regular Mastorism post to the blog.  Its actually pretty late and I've been working on both this blog and the Drunk Duck site, so I'm just going to paste my DD post that's relevant to this page (sparing you the bits about how I'm revamping the DD site).  Probably some more original type content with the next post:

this is the first of a couple splash pages. I wanted to turn up the "space" aspect in this comic quite a bit. Up to this point we've been doing a lot of travel between planets/galaxies/whathaveyou, but haven't really gotten much "space" time on page, so I'm working to bring some of that in. Starting with showing off one of the Phantom Lord's fleets of space ships.

And who's that talking? Well, you're gonna have to wait until next week, when we get to see first hand who these's "top Mastors" are... any guesses?

AND: Don't forget there's 132 more pages of story that comes before this... check out at

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