Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mastorism - Terror in Sector Five - Page 23

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Thanks for all the well wishes on being sick everyone.  I'm feeling much better now.  The sickness was fairly short lived, but managed to work its way through my whole family (yay). 

Anyhow, another bit of an unforseen setback, I left town for the weekend and didn't get back in time to make the Tuesday update.  As those of you in the states know, this was memorial day weekend, so I had left town, and just left comics out of my brain for the weekend! 

Anyhow, I'm back and that means you get back to back posts, so I guess that's a good trade off.  I hope you enjoy this page, a couple other cool ones coming up too over the next week or so.

Thursday we'll check in and see what's going on with Jefe (I know I left you, and Jefe himself, hanging), so check that out.  Till then, thanks for reading and commenting... see you soon!


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