Monday, June 7, 2010

Mastorism - Terror in Sector Five - Page 25

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Hope everyone is having a fantastic tuesday, here we get to see the flip side of D's power.  Now granted, I don't think she could take the life of one normal individual and restore another, but Proselyte was much more than a normal individual.  Could there be some further effects we're not yet aware of... only time will tell!

Speaking of Proselyte:  Those of you who read my long winded page commentaries probably already know the tale of how Jeff and I were ALL ABOUT Green Lantern back in the day when Hal Jordan "turned into" Parallax (aka, crazy bad uber-green lantern-- later retconned into being possessed by the "yellow" entity-- named Parallax of course).  So enthralled by this character were we, that we created our own character that had a really cool sounding name that starts with P-- Proselyte of course!  It was literally one of those "lets look up something that sounds cool in the P's of the dictionary" moments.  

Flash forward to today, I, of course, am still using the character...  So imaging my surprise the other night, while I'm reading GREEN LANTERN (instead of drawing, which is what I really REALLY should have been doing) and LO AND BEHOLD they're finally naming off the entities for the rest of the spectrum (for non-GL fans, since the retcon, we've learned the names of the Green (Ion) and the Yellow (Parallax) but they've created a lanter corps for all of the ROYGBIV spectrum now) and guess what? One of them is called PROSELYTE.  I wasn't sure whether to be angry, honored, or worried about losing the right to have a character named Proselyte (I would be pretty bummed about that). 

Anyhow, one thing is fore sure, I don't think that I'll be taking any action against the Warners for the time being (heh). I did have to scratch my head and wonder if that meant that at some point Geoff Johns stumbled across Mastorism.  I do know another DC writer who owns a few issues....   so....   Just sayin' its a POSSIBILITY! 

Anyhow, Enough sillyness..  be back thursday to see if D's trick worked or not!  Till then thanks for reading and commenting!


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