Saturday, August 21, 2010

Earthbound Kickstarter Project: Son Chasers

So, depending on how familiar you are with me beyond Mastorism, you may be aware that I am affiliated with an outfit called Earthbound Comics... I'm kinda the president, and also in charge of production, etc.   So not only is Earthbound the banner that I currently put out all of my printed work under, but its also a company for whom I put a lot of work into getting other folks projects off the ground.  We've put out some fantastic stuff, from Ben's Sleepbringer, to the collaborative Lady Fight anthologies, to the historical fiction Winter War - lots of great stuff that I've been able to be a part of, not just my own work.

Anyhow, I started this thing up with Ben Ferrari (or more like I jumped on his train and we both started shoveling craploads of coal) and we've been picking up lots of steam.  Well one of the things he was working on with his long time collaborator Buck Weiss, was a book called Son Chasers.  Ben calls this his "best creation ever" and, let me tell you, when we were at wondercon this year, the eight page, rough, pencil only preview of this book was what the majority of the people who came to our table were pooping their pants over (though pretty much everything did do well). 

So what's the concept?  Here's the just from Ben and Buck:

"A cross between Bourne Identity and The Punisher, Son Chasers is an alternate history asking the question, “What if Hitler had a son and what if he wanted to eradicate the brand of tyranny that his father is so infamous for?”

Henry Hitler is a classic character looking for a redemption that he will never truly find. Son Chasers is the government initiative that is tasked with stopping him. They, like many people in the world, believe that only evil can come from evil."

Pretty neat concept really.

Ben and Buck really want to give this concept its due, and have gotten the fantastic Martin Monteil on board for artwork on this two issue mini, and are seeking to make this the ultimate Earthbound publication yet.  As such they've started a kickstarter campaign to fund the project (since, unlike other Earthbound projects, this one actually requires a budget).  If you are interested in supporting this project, let me direct you there with this link:

So far we're at about 10% of our goal with about 18 days to go.  There's some pretty good incentives for the higher (and even lower level) donations, so its definitely work a look see.

I will keep you posted on how this project is progressing!

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