Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spacebound #1 comin' atcha very soon!

So here's a quick VERY EARLY peek at some of my art for the cover of Spacebound #1:

You can click on that to see the full sized version.  If you haven't heard yet (which, really, you shouldn't have), Spacebound is the new Earthbound Comics Sci-Fi double feature.  It's also the new print home for Mastorism... at least until the next collection comes out.  This issue Mastorism is teaming up with a fantastic Alibi Jones story (in fact, I finally just read it in its complete form, and it is indeed quite awesome) by Mike Luoma and Meisha.  

Anyhow, this is some inked art I did for the cover - you can see that's D there and the gentleman with her is none other than Alibi Jones himself.  Had a blast drawing this, and now its off to the colorist.  Might look a little bland here, but I'm giving our colorist, the amazing Norman Wong, all kinds of free reign to do bring it to life with the background.  He comes up with some great stuff, so I figured for my part of the artwork, less is more, and to let Norm really take off with this.  

I will check back in once I have the final piece!  

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