Monday, September 6, 2010

Mastorism - Terror in Sector Five - Page 49

Exciting week!  We've got the Drunk Duck awards being announced, "Terror in Sector Five" is hitting page 50, and - well, for many my American readers at least, we're just finishing up a 3 day weekend for labor day.  Or even better, looking forward to a four day work week (woo hoo!).

ANYWAY, trying not to let it throw off my webcomic schedule.  Any of it.  But, ah, I might be a little behind.  But coming up on a bit of a chapter break here, so maybe I'll use that to catch up a bit. 

Heading into the next chapter we're going to get back into the ACTION.  I closely re-read the first two "chapters" as I was setting up Spacebound! #1 and I notice there was a LOT of action in the beginning of the story but this chapter has had a lot of exposition.  Which that's good in its own way, but--  Y'know.. we're gonna have to have an epic battle here at some point, pretty soon, yeah? 

Exciting things to come!

Enough typing for now though.   

Great comments on the last page, going to skip the replies today to get some more work done except to say that Jabali and Anthony might be on to something!

Thanks for reading and commenting, see you thursday!


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