Monday, October 25, 2010

Mastorim - Terror on Sector Five - page 55

So there's the Jefe we remember!  Plus a couple of questions that you may have been wondering about (and still won't be getting any answers for... yet). 

And yes, I thought I'd throw in some new uniforms.  It seemed appropriate that since they weren't really working for the Phantom Lord any more, and they were operating in the Dark Universe, they get a change of clothes to signify that.

Thursday - A couple more new unis and the return of an old friend (hint - its a z-squad member we've yet to see in this story).  I will see you then!  Thanks for reading and commenting!



  1. Hi Matt, I'm not yet sure how to post on your webcomic page proper (I'm new to drunk duck titles), but I wanted to say that you're doing a great job with the book. I'm really impressed with the quality of writing, and it's nice to see how the art style has evolved and improved since the first page. Keep it up - and in case you're wondering, I found it through webcomiclist (I advertise there as well - and it's paid off pretty well thus far).

  2. Hey Geoff! Thanks for commenting - and taking the time to come over to the blog to do so, and the kind words... AND for letting me know how you found it.

    I have been finding that the Webcomics list advertising has been working well... glad its doing so for you as well. I'll have to come check your comic.