Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mastorism - Terror in Sector Five 54

So some quick catch up... about 20 pages or so ago, Mike splintered from the rest of the group when they went off to the dark universe.  We were meant to think that he possibly perished, but Jefe (using his mental powers) asserted that he was probably still alive and their last hope.  Here (or on the previous page really) we find out that Mike HAS INDEED survived, with the purpose of rallying help on the Mastorism side of the portal.  Boom!  So there you have it. 

I'm coming to realize that when we move away from following a character for a while, for you the reader, its been weeks or months since you've been following them, so I thought maybe a quick catch up here and there would be in your best interest. 

AND YES ITS TRUE that I have written the Mastorism script to its very last page now (its thus far been a constant work in progress).  IT will not only conclude this Terror on Sector Five arc, but also the the grander arc (names, anyone?) that the webcomic has been following since page 1.  I think the ending will be both surprising and satisfying. 

Is that the end of Mastorism?  For now, yes, but its a good group of characters so I can't seen not touching on it again in the future.  I purposely set that 15 year gap in the story for later exploration.  I think there's some Mastor adventures to be had on the Mastorism U side, and also lots of interesting adventures to be had on the Dark U side (which, is pretty much where I think most of the interesting characters are anyway). I do have a lot of plans for non-mastorism stories though that I'd like to take some time to explore....

Anyhow, not totally sure how much is left, page wise, because the way I script, I write out the story and dialog, and parse it down into pages later on.  Somewhere between a few months and a year I would think. 

That's just what's been on my mind. 

NEXT WEEK - You won't want to miss.  Back in the Dark U, our heroes freshen up, and we see someone we haven't seen for a LONG LONG time (hint: its Jabali's fave). 

Anyhow, as always thanks for reading and commenting!  Now back to work on another page I go!


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