Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Ghost Story Development

Okay, probably the last time I'm going to subject you to this for a while....

Yet a third option, but now I am working with a real brush (albeit a cheapie) and bristol (strathmore 300).  Looking back, I wasn't very happy with what I had in my last post.  In fact I was happier with the sloppier version before that.  This one, I don't think falls between them, but not sure where.  I'm focusing more on the light vs dark, and trying to not be so anal with my brush.  One of the main things I'm doing is trying to be more courageous with my brush strokes and work faster.  I'm the sort that tends to pull a line very slowly so I can micromanage every minutae of the brush stroke.  I'm trying to teach myself that I need to save that for digital, which lends it self to that sort of cleanliness anyway.  If I'm going to get dirty with ink...  I need to GET DIRTY WITH INK!

The other versions were much smaller (two or three inches max) so it was easy to be really brash with my brush strokes.  Here I worked on a much larger scale, so it was a bit more challenging to keep up that rough look.  Its a whole new approach for me..  which is most of the reason I'm posting my progress on this since I'm really working through it.  If I pull this story off, then I may extend it to more stories in a series.  I guess I just feel like trying somethign different.

Hm.  I think the girl could use some more rendering of shadows.

Alright, I think I'm going to do some big tests, and probably won't bug y'all with this for a while...

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