Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hey, I got interviewed!

So me and my good pal Sebastian Piccione got interviewed by the Peverett Phile--   feel free to check out-- in case you missed that last link here it is again.

Interesting thing about interviews: WAAaaaay back when Jeff (Blanchard, Mastorism co-creator) and I were in high school, we loved LOVED LOVED those super long creator interviews (at least I remember them as long) they'd run in the good old days of Wizard.  So, YOU KNOW Jeff and I would do these (not quite as) long interviews in the backs of the old issues of Mastorism.  Only, we'd just interview our selves.  No no, not EACH OTHER, we'd interview OURSELVES.  Its a good way to make sure you get good questions, I suppose.  We'd make up fake names for the interviewer.  Clever stuff like Mista X and Mista Z.  

Anyhow, for me, HALF the dream of "making it" as a comic book artist/writer, was getting to do these interviews.  Crap, I loved the fake ones.

So, all that said, this is pretty momentous for me. 

I do also need to point out that this is primarily Seb's interview though.  He got the lead through Megacon, but I had gotten the email from the gentleman and automatically followed up on it, so in the end, he interviewed us both.  Much credit to Sebastioan.

again:  http://thepeverettphile.blogspot.com/

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