Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mastorism - Terror In Sector Five - Page 08

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ROLLING RIGHT ALONG HERE - So you can see, 15 years later, the Phantom Lord has given up the facade of the "nice guy" - I'm sure its tough, even on a good day, when you have flames shooting out of your head.  I dunno... 

This page (or at least a character on this page) is dedicated to one Mr. Tibor Sardy, who sold me most of my comics when I was a kid.  His store, Peninsula Comics in San Mateo, CA is no longer around.  As a youth, though, it was my favorite place to go.  Tibor was a bit of a character (to put it mildly), a very funny guy, and I was probably a good foil for his pranks since I was a pretty shy/mild mannered kid.  Lots of good polybagged, holofoiled memories wrapped up in that place.  His biggest claim to fame was financing Space Beaver in the late eightes, a character which was featured in his yellow page ad for as long as I could remember.  I hear he's selling carpet now, or something, but continues a good craigs list side carreer selling comics.  Thanks Tibor!

And thank you for reading and commenting... MORE MASTORISM on tuesday!  See you then!

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