Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mastorism - Terror in Sector Five - Page 14

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Go D!  What?  You forgot her power?  Did you miss the expository dialog that I just posted back in.. uh... July of 2008?  Ha!  Well, if you're curious about it, she did mention her power back on Page 20 of the previous story... Oh man, I have to cringe a little looking back...

Which reminds me, today is a VERY special day for Mastorism (aside from it being D's day in the spotlight).  Today marks a whopping TWO YEARS that I've been posting Mastorism on Drunk Duck!  And what a fun two years its been!  Its easy to make a milestone out of just about any page (such as, I'm approaching my 150th page) but I'm pretty proud of this run, still going strong, and the progress I've made. 

So big big thanks to everyone for all of your support over the last two years, I appreciate it more than you could know.  Its what keeps me going!  I hope you all have been enjoying this as much as I have been enjoying creating it for you. 

Next up!  The aftermath of Proselyte!  See you next week! 

By the way if you saw what I was drawing today... hoo boy! 

Anyhow, thanks for reading and commenting everyone.

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