Monday, July 26, 2010

Mastorism - Terror in Sector Five - Page 37

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Thanks for letting me take a vacation everyone...  and OH!  While I was away... Nominated for Best Sci-Fi?!?!?  Aw shucks!  Thanks everyone! HUGE honor.  And BIG BIG BIG congrats to everyone else who got nominated!  Some of my favorites ended up on that list, including some notable Mastorism fans.  So good job everyone, and a big thank you to everyone who voted to nominate Mastorism as a finalist.   I'm a very happy web-cartoonist right now.


So wait, what's all this talk about Mike?  Remember that toaster* I offered on page 34?  The discrepancy I asked you all to find?  Well, go back and look (since no one got it):  Mike didn't go through the portal! How did he survive?  So what's he doing hanging out back in Mastorism U?  Sounds pretty important!  I guess we'll find out.

So get ready for Chapter 3 here... there's going to be a bit of exposition coming up, so there's some fair warning, but I think you will probably enjoy it-- A lot of stuff will get explained that will tie together everything that's come before and (with luck) propel us into the final showdown!  Moo ha ha! 

Anyhow, thanks for reading and commenting!  And again, thanks for allowing me to take some time off (got lots of webcomic reading to catch up on too!)!  See you all Thursday, when we'll get a REAL look at the Dark Universe!


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