Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mastorism - Terror in Sector Five - Page 38

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Hey thanks for all the kind words and congrats on the Best Sci-Fi nomination (and the banner, JNP!).  I know I'm up against some really fantastic comics, so it just an honor to get the nomination and be a finalist.  Course it WOULD be extra nifty if I did end up winning!  C'mon Judges!  hahah

SO, yeah, even with the break it's been a busy couple of weeks (or month)-- so I if I'm a regular reader of your comic but you haven't seen me around in a while.. that's why.  I will try and be doing some catch up this weekend.

So the dreaded Dark Universe, mostly thought to those in Mastorism U to be savage land of darkness, actually appears to quite an advanced and inviting society!  Hmmm... I wonder what else the Phantom Lord may have lied about?   

Anyway, Thanks for reading and commenting everyone.  I'll get that nifty DD award banner up soon (looking cool!) for all to see... See y'all again on TUESDAY!


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