Thursday, March 17, 2011

Eight Legs of FURY!

So, as promised, I thought I ought to post some artwork here for you, so that you don't think that I'm a slouch or some such nonsense (and, hey, look at me blogging on a regular basis!). Over the last couple weeks I've been preparing a ton of odds and ends for WonderCon - including some buttons and prints and whatnot. This one kinda serves a dual purpose.  At the con you'll be able to get this in either button or print form.  Check it out, an octopus!

I'm not sure what's with the fascination with cephalopod artwork, or cephalopods in general , is all about, but there's something cool and intriguing about them. In fact, I thought it was just me, but like many things, once you go to the cons, no matter how weird your interest is, there's someone exploiting it. So this might just be one more octopus among a sea of squid and octopi (and my favorite the nautilus), but it seemed like a good opportunity to get to draw an octopus, so I took it!

I'll probably share more of these little drawings in the coming days. After pretty much drawing the same characters, subject matter, and style day in and day out for almost three years, its been a fun diversion to get to get outside the usual routine!

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed this one.  More to come!

(OH, and for those of you interested, I did the line art in Manga Studio, and the color work in Photoshop.)

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