Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WonderCon Updates and Some Art!

**UPDATE: Now with working links!**

Well I'm onto my 8354th day of preparing for WonderCon 2011, and I'm pretty comfortable saying that I'm pretty close to ready!  Woo hoo! Before I start to ramble on, I'd better get my plugs in:

WonderCon is at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, THIS WEEKEND, April 1-3, click here for more details on the con.  I will be at table SP30 in the small press area. I'm going to have two new comics, Mastorism: Terror in Sector Five, and an Explosion Proof one shot. I will also have a ton of new buttons (something new for me), new prints, painting/sketchcards, other original art, t-shirts, and probably other stuff I can't even think of, so if you're there, come on by and check it out, say hello, whatever!

If you're interested in purchasing my new comics you can buy them online at IndyPlanet.com.  Some linkage:

Mastorism: Terror in Sector Five (you can also get the first volume there as well)

Explosion Proof: One Shot

OKAY, enough busines - for those of you who were keeping tabs on my WonderCon packing progress, I ended up packing everything into two big bins. I was shooting for one bin (I had this idealistic idea of fitting everything into one tub, but my wife told me to give up at around the point where I was drawing up diagrams in AutoCAD to get everything to fit). So, I'm pretty happy with that. My father-in-law also gave me a convertible dolly, which I cleaned up and painted, should make it easier for me to cart these huge things around (I'll try and get a photo of the whole get up).

SO!  That's where I'm at with that. Literally, EVERYTHING fits into these two bins except my banner stand (which I could modify to fit, and might have done that, had I more time!), and the cooler (which also might fit, but I'd never put anything with the potential to leak in the same container as comic books! aaaaaaaahhh!).

Okay, I guess you're wondering when I'm going to show you that art I was talking about.  WELL, take a peek just below. Its a stack of sketch/painting cards (for the size, I want to call them sketch cards, but in reality, they're little paintings) - well not stacked here - which I will have for sale for a mere $5 each at WonderCon. I the idea for doing these when I had a stack of illustration board cards laying around, and I had just finished a painting. If you're familiar with painting with acrylics (which I have started doing lately), they you know they dry HELLA fast - so I hate to see any left over paint go to waste, so I would do these super quick cards to use it up. You'll see its a lot of faces, cause that's the easiest thing for me to do without much planning. I found it's a good place to try out different techniques, as well as doing some adventurous color mixing (though I'm sort of weird, I like finding ways to come up with rich blacks and neutral grays). Anyhow, enjoy, and any of these could be yours!

You can click on that to make it larger.  Sorry some are sideways.  As always, I'm going to try and blog up to, and during the show, but I often wind up pretty busy, so... we'll see.

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