Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Return From WonderCon!

WonderCon, itself, is a three day event, but for me, it's a five day event. I like to cut out the night time driving  in and out when I can - it's just safer (after three days of convention, driving five hours home in the dark...  nod), and I've found it greatly reduces the stress of it overall. So, I just got back into town yesterday evening, and after kicking my feet up for the night, its time to be pro-active in my post-con activities...  so here I go! 

There's me running along the streets of San Francisco with my entire set-up contained in those two tubs plus the banner rack (which is bungeed to the front of my tubs). So, yes, I was able to pack everything into those two tubs, and it worked out fantastically. I would say that this show had the smoothest setup and break down of ANY show that I've done thus far. That's not to say I'm done analyzing and perfecting my show set up. Far from it.

Overall, WonderCon was a FANTASTIC show.  Not only did I get to see/talk/hang out a bit with a lot of my good creator friends whom I only get to see at conventions, but I also made new friends, and met a ton of fantastic folks from the other side of the table. We tried out a lot of new stuff at this con, too, so it was cool to see what stuff is succeeding and failing, and gauging what needs to be done in the future (always a learning experience). Sales wise, it was my most successful convention yet, so we're definitely heading in the right direction with some of the newer more art (and less directly comics) oriented stuff.

Did a lot of fun button commissions! Wow is that fun! I didn't really get a chance (or think of it anyway) to take pictures of any of them, though, so if anyone out there reading this got a custom button from and and would like to email me a picture, I'd really appreciate it (and post it here in the blog, if you don't mind). It was kind of a good gateway into the commission world, which I've been apprehensive on getting into (just due to lack of experience) - So I think for upcoming conventions I'm going to take on some larger commissions/quick sketches for tips if they do come up.  I'm also working on being better about emailing, so I will see if I can get any advance commissions that way.  We'll see. 

Anyhow, that's my wrap up for WonderCon.  I have a ton to do, emails to send, websites to update, so this will probably be my blog post for the week, as far as I can tell.

But more coming soon!

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