Monday, April 18, 2011

The Transformation Continues

So I guess I didn't write to much about it before, but over the last several months, since, around APE, I guess I'd say, I've been kinda working on this whole self transformation. Well, at least an "artist self" transformation. I've been working towards taking my art/comics side of my life much more seriously. Throughout my various con experiences, I've met some truly inspiring individuals who have really guided me on how to not only set my goals, but also work towards achieving them. Quite inspiring really.

It's kind of been a slow process, but I'm being patient. I mean, on top of just life happening, I still had various commitments to follow through with (such as completing Mastorism, which I felt was a tad detrimental to the takeoff of my transformation). One of my main troubles, though, was getting a good website going for myself (y'know, aside from this kick ass blog here), so I spend quite a great deal of time tearing down my old website and setting up a new one. One that was more oriented toward selling myself as a professional graphic designer (which I am) to pick up freelance jobs (or I guess you could call it "side work"), and it was very static and straightforward and business-like (about as business like as I get, anyway).

My goal was to get this site done in time for WonderCon so that if I gave my card to anyone, they would find my super duper great website. However, once I got to WonderCon, I almost found myself trying to talk people out of going to my website! I was thinking "THIS isn't what I want people to go to." Cause these people were fans, my website was set up for prospective professional clients to. One of the other problems I encountered was that I had a card for me, a card for Mastorism, and a card for Symbiosis Ink - and people wanted to know which card to take, and I couldn't even convince myself that any of those sites were ones that would satisfy what these people were after. Then, don't even get me started on how to inform people about THIS blog site.  Yikes!

So, on my five or so hour drive home, I thought long and hard about what all this meant. Part of what I was trying to do was to streamline (notice a re-occurring theme here?) my whole website situation so I could give people a one stop shop. This also meant I had to streamline WHO I AM (not so easy for someone like me to do). I think I've come to the conclusion that I'm not really selling myself very well as a work-for-hire graphic designer, production person, etc, and I just need to focus on producing my own art, and hopefully 1.) gain a bit of a following and 2.) get peoples attention that way.

The bottom line, is, I guess I'm saying, I'm tearing down my website and starting it over, among other things. Partly why my new vigor for blogging has taken a big of a break. The website is almost complete so, I will be getting back here some more. But I will also be doing website specific blogs going forward, as well as my new, regular-ish, emails.  Boy, social media sure takes a lot out of you without having to even actually talk to anyone!  Whew.

OH, and before I sign off here, about those emails - I just put a subscription box over on the right there, I encourage you to sign up. Right now, they mostly have some updates, links, and upcoming events, but I'm hoping to include some comics and maybe exclusive art very soon!  Check it out.

That's all for today, take care everyone!

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