Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rub a Dub Dub, a Convention in a Tub?

HOLY COW!  I just went back and looked at an earlier pair of posts I did some time back. The first was about con prep, and the second was a follow up on the con prep one, showing how a managed to get everything into APE that year using one hand truck, and then the finalized table set up. (I could link you back, but I'm feeling lazy, and since you're not, you can just go click the "Convention Prep" category over there if you're interested)

I impress even myself! 

Well, that time it was crucial because I was going into the con all by myself, whereas typically my lovely wife comes with me to help out.  But, what does any of that have to do with today? 

Lately I've felt like when I go into cons, I feel like I've reverted from that post. That I have arm-fulls of stuff, barely dragging a hand truck behind be with a pinky, and stuff dangling everywhere. Then getting on an elevator? FORGET ABOUT IT! (luckily I tend to arrive before the floor even opens, so I'm usually in before anyone can observe this bizarre spectacle). 

SO, this year I've been all about STREAMLINING. My wife hates me using that term because she equates it with "downsizing" or basically cutting away the good parts. Not really so, though.  I just want to walk into a con without looking like I'm carrying a pile of crap. My big solution: A GIGANTIC TUB. Yes, I went down to the local Store-That-Should-Not-Be-Named and purchased not one but two huge tubs.  So, in a sense, I'm concealing my piles of crap, right? 

Well, no no, actually I am doing some actual streamlining. For instance, I managed to pick up a nifty wood (er, particle board) comic rack at the flea market a couple months back (the lady who sold it to me thought it was a bill organizer, though its clearly a periodical/literature rack of some sort - she said it would help me with my taxes, while fully admitting that it didn't help her at all), which is replacing a number of various rack type fixtures that awkwardly filled up space in my previous bin.  Now I just have one rack in there, and its got a pretty thin profile.  The problem before was I'd have a rack, and it took up a ton of space in my bin, but was mostly air.  So those are all out.

I was pretty excited when I got home. Like I said, I bought two bins, but fully expected to get everything into one bin (these bins are huge... almost too huge), however, even with the streamlining process in effect, I'm still foreseeing trouble getting everything into one bin.  Then the question becomes:  Do I go with two giant bins, or one giant bin and a box, or...  who knows. 

I might document the final arrangement for a future follow up blog post (cause I know you're that interested).  I'll be taking pictures anyway because I like to document how everything fits in the bin (good for pack up at the end of the show!)

That's it for now.  I really will post some new art soon........

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